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Table of Contents
PART I. Definitions & General Provisions
§781. Definitions.
§782. Jurisdiction and authority of commission.
§783. Recreational and Used Motor Vehicle Commission; appointment and qualification; terms of office; powers and duties.
§784. Dealers, manufacturers, and distributors to be licensed; exception.
§785. Procedures for denial, suspension, or revocation of license; notice; hearings; appeals; abandonment of business.
§786. Injunctions; cease and desist orders.
§787. Criminal penalties.
§788. Civil penalties.
§789. Sale of used water-damaged vehicles.
§790. Black market sales; prohibition.
PART II. Used Motor Vehicle Dealers.
§791. Application for license; fee; educational seminar; bond requirements; liability insurance; salesperson’s license; location of business.
§792. Denial, revocation, or suspension of license; grounds; unauthorized acts.
§793. Rent with option-to-purchase program.
PART III. Dismantlers and Parts Recyclers; Motor Vehicle Crushers; and Scrapped Motor Vehicle Dealers.
§801. Definition.
§802. License required; application; fee; duration.
§803. Other licenses not required.
§804. Denial, revocation, or suspension of license; grounds; violations.
§805. Requirement to keep records.
§806. Transfer of motor vehicle certificate of title to or from a dismantler and parts recycler.
§807. Transfers of scrapped motor vehicles.
§808. Salvage pools; record keepers.