§4901. Procedure for Appointing Independent Marine Surveyor

A.  When a marine product manufacturer/distributor elects to appoint an Independent Marine Surveyor to inspect the marine dealer’s inventory to determine whether the product has been altered or damaged to the prejudice of the manufacturer/distributor, the manufacturer/distributor shall notify the commission of the identity of the Independent Marine Surveyor within 15 days prior to the hearing before the commission. However, the manufacturer/distributor may post the identity of any pre-approved Independent Marine Surveyor with the commission.

B.  The notice of appointment of Independent Marine Surveyor or the approved list shall contain the résumé, curriculum vitae, or qualifications of Independent Marine Surveyor.

C.  The commission shall then promptly notify the dealer of the identity of the Independent Marine Surveyor as selected by the manufacturer/distributor.

AUTHORITY NOTE:  Promulgated in accordance with R.S. 32:771.

HISTORICAL NOTE: Promulgated by Office of the Governor, Recreational and Used Motor Vehicle Commission LR 30:2482 (November 2004).