§4803. Uniform Procedures to Designate the Territory Assigned to a Marine Dealer

A.  On any occasion in which the marine product manufacturer/distributor has designated, an area of responsibility smaller in size to that provided for in R.S. 32:781(2)(b) the marine product manufacturer and/or distributor must furnish with the designation the uniform procedure to establish the community or territory that is assigned to a marine dealer. If the manufacturer/distributor fails to furnish a uniform procedure with its designation, the commission shall reject the designation and shall so notify the manufacturer/distributor of the rejection by certified mail. With the notice of rejection, the commission shall provide the manufacturer/distributor the opportunity to appeal the rejection to the commission in a hearing at the commission’s monthly meeting.

B.  Where the marine product manufacturer/distributor has provided the uniform procedure with its designation, the commission shall review the designation and advise the manufacturer/distributor within 10 days following receipt as to whether the designation has been accepted or rejected. If the designation has been rejected, the manufacturer/distributor shall be so notified by certified mail of the rejection and informed of the opportunity to appeal the rejection in a hearing at the commission’s monthly meeting.

AUTHORITY NOTE:  Promulgated in accordance with R.S. 32:781 and 817.

HISTORICAL NOTE: Promulgated by the Office of the Governor, Recreational and Used Motor Vehicle Commission, LR 30:2482 (November 2004), amended LR 33:1638 (August 2007).